Ben Cain was born July 13th in Newport, Rhode Island. He was the first child of Joycelyn and Benjamin, Sr. He is the brother of two schoolteachers, Stacy and Mikey, who inspire him daily and whom he loves very much. Ben grew up on the north side of Flint, Michigan, during the school months and spent his summers in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, with Grandma Goldie.


Ben’s career as a performer began in daycare at “The Mamas and The Papas” in the city of Flint. Initially Ben’s parents did not let him bring toys to show-and-tell. “He doesn’t need to bring any toys,” his parents were told. “He’s quite entertaining. He loves to ‘show and tell’ the group everything that happened at home the previous night.” Ben’s parents were mortified, and he had toys to bring the very next day. His very first monologues were a hit with the daycare audience, but his parents didn’t think that “Let Me Show You What Happened at My House Last Night” was such a good idea.


Ben’s first love was music, and most of his toys were musical instruments. His plastic-guitar rendition of Eddie Kendrick’s “Keep On Truckin’” was always a crowd favorite. As Ben got older he began to play many different instruments including the drums, guitar, piano, bass, trumpet, and the baritone.


Sitting alone and practicing on musical instruments was not Ben’s forte. Singing, on the other hand, was something that he would practice all the time. Ben sang as much as he could: with the church choir, school choir, in the shower, on the phone, at family reunions, and with a number of singing groups that originated and terminated in his parents’ basement.


Ben’s mediocre instrument playing and his love of singing were all his life consisted of until two events in high school changed his life: a class scheduling problem and Lamar Taylor. Ben shuttled between his regular high school, Flint Northern, and a “magnet program” at Flint Central. One year, due to the schools’ conflicting schedules, Ben had only two classes available to him at the magnet school: a French class and a second-year acting class, Improvisation. Ben had no desire to learn French, so he chose acting. Ben fell in love with the class on the first day, but it wasn’t until he saw the high school production of “Pippin” that his life would be changed forever.


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